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At a time when Americans continue to struggle and jobs remain scarce, the last thing Americans can afford are higher taxes.  Taking more money out of the wallets of hardworking Americans and shipping it off to Washington will do nothing but further choke progress toward economic recovery in America.

During my short time as the 16th District's representative to Washington I have consistently called for common sense tax reform, designed to produce a simpler and fairer tax code.  Drawing upon my 25 years of private sector experience as a C.P.A. and a small business owner, in addition to sound input from constituents over the past several months, there are a number of specific reforms that I strongly support:

  - Simplify the system by reducing rates, eliminating loopholes and broadening the tax base

  - Permanently repeal the Death Tax

 - Reduce America’s corporate tax rate, which is currently the highest in the world.  The current rate has made America far less competive and shipped American jobs overseas to foreign countries that incentivize rather than punish business growth.

 - Repeal the $500 billion tax hike included in the President's 2010 health care bill

As is the case in most major issues, my opponent and I couldn’t be any further apart when it comes to tax policy.  While I am proud to stand with Ohio families and workers in the fight to leave more money at home and in their wallets—Betty Sutton has fought tirelessly to raise taxes on all Ohioans throughout her long career in Congress.


 The Sutton Record

- Sutton voted to raise income taxes on all Ohioans, including increasing the tax rate on the lowest tax bracket by 50%

- Sutton opposes repeal of the Death Tax

- Sutton voted to hit Americans with an additional $500 billion tax bill as part of the 2010 Obama-Pelosi health care bill.  

- Sutton voted to hit middle class families with a payroll tax increase on December 13, 2011, while simultaneously voting to give herself a pay raise.


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