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Spending in Washington is dangerously out of control. In 2009 & 2010, we witnessed Washington engage in the most fiscally irresponsible policymaking in the history of this country, and today we are suffering dearly for it.  Our national debt has now eclipsed the size of our entire economy, surpassing the $15 trillion mark earlier this year.  Although House Republicans passed a budget earlier this year that would finally put America back on a path towards a balanced budget, sadly that type of action has been the exception rather than the rule recently in Washington.  In 2010, the Pelosi-led House of Represenatives failed to pass a budget through the House for the first time in the history of the Budget Act.  Even worse, Harry Reid's U.S. Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years and the President has demonstrated no interest in making the spenidng reforms we need to pull our country out of bankruptcy.

During my first few months in office, I was proud to lead the fight for fiscal order and to vote for the Balanced Budget Amendment.  American families and business owners have to balance their books every day, why shouldn't our government do the same?  Unfortunately, there are still far too many career politicians in Washington, including Betty Sutton, who believe in one set of rules for their constituents and another for themselves.

 - I voted for the Balanced Budget Amendment. Congresswoman Sutton opposed it.

 - I voted to pass the House budget that saved Medicare while restoring fiscal order to Washington. Congresswoman Sutton supported more debt and more spending.

 - I opposed the wasteful "stimulus" spending package that incurred the largest single year deficit in U.S. history. Congresswoman Sutton supported it.


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