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I want to thank the people of the 16th District for giving me another opportunity to serve as your voice in Washington and to continue the fight for the common sense polices we need to get our economy and our nation back on track.  Throughout my first term and during last year’s campaign season, I had the privilege of meeting and working along side many Ohioans who are desperate for an accountable, fiscally responsible federal government that plays by the same rules the rest of the country does. 
During the past two years I have focused my energy on bringing cost-cutting solutions to Washington and working to end the job-crushing regulations that have left our economy on life support for the past four years.  The problems we face as a country are not Democrat problems or Republican problems, they are American problems that require American solutions.  We cannot tax, spend or regulate our way to recovery and we cannot rebuild our economy on a foundation of the same hollow talking points and political gamesmanship that have consumed Washington in recent years.
At this critical point in our nation’s history it is not sufficient to just pledge for a new blueprint to cut down our nation’s debt or give speeches about the need for private sector economic growth—we need action. I sincerely hope that in the months ahead, the President will finally demonstrate a genuine desire to work with those of us in Congress—both Republicans and Democrats—who are willing to do the heavy lifting and who are serious about restoring prosperity to our country and responsibility to our government.  I humbled and honored by the opportunity to serve the 16th District once again and I thank you for your support.


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